Building A Brighter Sierra Leone


Our aims are to:

Assist in Infrastructural Development and Reconstruction projects directly aimed at rebuilding Sierra Leone after its recent bitter and brutal civil war.

Combat social exclusion, improve the quality of life and advance the interests of the Sierra Leonean communities in both the United Kingdom and United States of America.

Promote, integrate and preserve the diverse cultural heritage of the Sierra Leonean communities through cultural events, the arts and music, so as to educate the younger generation and create a sense of national pride and self esteem among our youths.

Provide education, sporting and leisure activities for the Sierra Leonean communities that will bridge the gap with the wider global communities.

Motivate, empower and facilitate entreprenuership and commerce within the Sierra Leonean communities in every corner of the globe so as to build and sustain a vibrant Sierra Leone economy.

All general enquiries should be directed to the following email address: